Bad memory/swap management in 17.10?

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 Subject: Re: Bad memory/swap management in 17.10?
 Date: 12/12/17 11:26 AM
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El 23/11/17 a les 11:13, Luca Olivetti ha escrit: 
> El 15/11/17 a les 21:57, Luca Olivetti ha escrit: 
>> OK, now I managed to keep it running long enough to reproduce the  
>> initial situation and bfq doesn't help at all to make the machine more  
>> responsive. In the meantime I have enabled the magic sysrq and  
>> discovered how to make it work on my laptop ;-) 
>> This is unbearable, so now I'm back to kernel 4.10.0, let's see if it  
>> works. 
> I tried the latest update (4.13.0-17) and it's still unusable. 
> I can't believe I'm the only one hit by this. 
> Oh, well, back to 4.10.0-37 
Same with 4.13.0-19. 
Is there a simple way to configure grub to boot by default 4.10.0-37  
instead of the latest, broken, kernel? 
I don't want to pin it and uninstall the updated ones, I want to see and  
test the updates but *not* boot them by default until they work as they  
 I have a small server that receives data from a weather station. (FTP, serial data, etc)

Pretty simple stuff but it won’t run for more than 3 to 5 days without coming to a halt...  I originally thought it was due to a hardware problem and ran memory tests and then swapped memory, SDD, and finally the whole server.  But the halts continued.  On one halt, I did see that syslog showed a cpu came to a hard stop.. followed by the other three cores.  This has caused me to put “nosmp” in the kernel options but I haven’t run it long enough to see if that clears the problem.

In short, 17.10 has problems I think and I think I may be experiencing the same thing you are.

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