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Sun Sep 18 09:36:49 UTC 2016

O. Sinclair schreef op 18-09-2016 11:28:
> On 09/18/16 11:03, Nils Kassube wrote:
>> O. Sinclair wrote:
>>> Kubuntu 16.04.1
>>> Changing from the now useless virtual desktops to "Activities" I can
>>> live with though I don't get why. And someone tell me why keyboard
>>> shortcuts as in say Meta+1 to activate an Activity simply does not
>>> work.
>> In which way are virtual desktops useless in 16.04? They are working
>> fine here and also shortcuts for switching virtual desktops are 
>> working.
>> Nils
> they are, to me, useless in the sense that i can't use different
> widgets on separate desktops. To me that misses the target totally

KDE seems to suffer a lot from "elitism" -- create something different, 
even if it is dysfunctional.

At least then you can say you are "not Windows" even if it is 
detrimental to the user experience.

An example is the Windows Switchers. There is a small dozen of different 
switchers you can use and all of them are dysfunctional.

There are Small Icons and there are Big Icons but the small icons are 
too small and the big icons are too big. Where are the middle icons? Of 
course, that would be too mundane, wouldn't it.

So now you have to go into a file on /usr/share/something and edit the 
QML file for the big icons (they are called large on the filesystem). 
Then you can reduce the icon size to 80 or 64 or something and it will 

Then finally you have a functional window switcher.

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