Plasma5 ...

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Sun Sep 18 08:04:03 UTC 2016

So finally, with a new laptop, decided to go "plasma5" or in other words 
Kubuntu 16.04.1 with all backports upgrades.

Let us just call it a bumpy ride. This is a Lenovo "stock Intel" not 
latest laptop. Yet I get the already documented "screen flicker" thing.

Changing from the now useless virtual desktops to "Activities" I can 
live with though I don't get why. And someone tell me why keyboard 
shortcuts as in say Meta+1 to activate an Activity simply does not work.

Then we have KDEPIM. For what time I don't know I lost my Notes as in 
KNotes. Which is why I have swapped to Basket since some time as this 
seems to happen with every upgrade.

KMail/KAkonadi tells me every morning I have thousands of unread mail. 
No I don't and yes I have gone akonadictl fsck and all that.

Address book in Kmail is again basically useless as any search is dead.
That also goes for searching for mail, btw.

Gtk apps do or don't accept the settings for font size, a bit on an off 
so to speak. Thunderbird, that I am using for this mail, totally ignore 
any settings. Might be the app for sure.

That goes for anything I run via WINE also btw.

I have no idea who came up with the concept that any newly opened 
application should hop up to the upper left corner of the screen.

Phew. Just had to get it off my chest

kind regards, Sinclair

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