Mounting Windows With My Kubuntu.

Xen list at
Sat Sep 3 10:21:43 UTC 2016

Richard Barmann schreef op 03-09-2016 5:33:
> I have one hard drive (158GB---144GB free.) /dev/sda1 partition Linux
> (Bootable).  Ext4  ---Mounted at filesystem root. I am thinking of
> mounting Window98 along side Kubuntu on this drive.
> I have a 80GB Hard Drive  with my Data on with 38GB free. /dev/sdb1.
> I need to mount my Windows 98 so I can convert 465 35mm Slides from the
> past that I found in a window seat. Had been forgotten about. I may 
> find
> it easier to pay Walmart 22 cents apiece to convert.
> I am open to all suggestions or ADVICE.
> Dick

If you mean "Installing Windows" rather than mounting it (mounting is a 
filesystem operation of an already existing harddrive or partition) to 
use some software, the easiest would probably be to install VirtualBox, 
even if that is not what you are asking, and use your Windows software 
that way.

If you do intend to ask how you can install windows 98, it would 
probably just be easier to install it on some USB disk.

Other than that repartitioning your Linux drive or shrinking partitions 
is perhaps a more troublesome operation that you may not wish to do 
given the alternatives. Still, if that is your question, it would amount 
to reducing the size of Linux partitions and ensuring you can create a 
primary partition for Windows 98 to install on, that you will have to 
mark "bootable". The question is whether Windows 98 will install on and 
boot from a secondary partition like that (not the first primary 
partition, in that sense). It would probably work, or it may work.

However personally I would ask what I want: do I want to use Windows 98 
only for these slides, or do I want to give it a permanent presence?

If the answer is the latter, you can go ahead and repartition (shrink 
one Linux partition if you have primary partitions available) but it's a 
bit complicated of course if you don't know how). Otherwise, if your 
Windows 98 doesn't need special hardware access, you can use VirtualBox 
just fine. If it's about some device drivers you have, a Windows 98 
install on some USB stick should also suffice.

Only in the end if none of that suffices would I install on your 
harddisk directly, but I have the feeling that this is what you want or 


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