Kubuntu 16.10 is out!

Stephen Morris samorris at netspace.net.au
Sun Nov 13 20:23:45 UTC 2016

On 08/11/16 08:12, Stephen Morris wrote:
> On 07/11/16 08:15, Xen wrote:
>> Stephen Morris schreef op 06-11-2016 22:05:
>>> I've applied the Oxygen icon theme which changes the icon theme when
>>> selecting 'Leave' to the coloured icons, but it does not change the
>>> row of icons at the bottom of the launcher (the row that contains
>>> 'Leave', 'Application' etc), is it not possible to change these? I
>>> have also found that Fedora is exactly the same with the oxygen theme.
>> Apparently there is only a limited set of themes that will apply the 
>> Oxygen icon set but this has been so since 15.04. However perhaps it 
>> is possible to go into the theme settings itself and explicitly 
>> select the Oxygen icons for the various things, I don't know. It 
>> might be that they just don't get selected. But this has been an 
>> issue since July of 2015, yeah.
> Under 16.04 LTS, which was an upgraded to from the previous version of 
> Ubuntu (I don't remember which version it was exactly) etc, the reboot 
> options displayed when pressing 'Leave' on the launcher botton row had 
> the same coloured icons that are being displayed now following 
> Valeria's suggestion to use the Oxygen icon set, but that icon set has 
> not changed the row of icons on the bottom of the launcher in 16.10 to 
> the same set of coloured icons that were displayed under 16.04. I am 
> using the Breeze application theme with the Oxygen icon set. As I 
> mentioned before I am seeing the same symptoms under Fedora 24, and 
> switching to the Oxygen application theme with the Oxygen icons set 
> does not rectify the situation, I will try this combination under 
> Ubuntu next time I'm on there but I am assuming the outcome will be 
> the same.
I have tried the Oxygen theme and there is no change to the icons along 
the bottom of the launcher. Is it just not possible to change them any more?


> Does this mean that upstream has changed things in the version of 
> Plasma that is being used in 16.10 (and presumably Fedora) so that the 
> changes I'm looking for to use are no longer possible?
> I couldn't upgrade from 16.04 which had the changes I'm looking for to 
> 16.10, as the upgrade destroyed my Ubuntu system, so I had to 
> reinstall 16.04 from scratch, which only installed unity, upgrade to 
> 16.10, and progressively add Gnome and Plasma onto that to get a 
> working system back again.
> regards,
> Steve

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