Remove NetworkManager

Xen list at
Sun Nov 13 13:14:10 UTC 2016


I just wanted to remove NetworkManager because it was interfering (once 
more) with manual setting of my connection in case I needed to change 
the DHCP server temporarily and I just...

want to be able to use "ip addr" myself and it interferes with that.

However after removing the service and the package I still get 

I also uninstalled dnsmasq.

There is still some dhclient process being started by something and I 
don't know what, leading to /usr/lib/NetworkManager/..... or something.

Also dhclient for some reason doesn't set the default gateway.

I am clueless.

Maybe the default gateway is in fact removed. Each time I restart 
networking I have to manually start dhclient and set the default route 
and even more than that I have to kill the other dhclient process that 
interferes. I don't know what to do here.

The only thing still in existance on my system named NetworkManager is 


There is no trace of anything NetworkManager in /etc.

Nothing in /lib. Oh.... apologies ;-). The deamon was still running even 
though the package had been removed. And I thought I had already stopped 
it. Still don't know if the rest will work now :(...

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