mounting external storage (was: { Solved } hopefully - Re: Second Hard Drive issue)

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Sat May 14 15:44:47 UTC 2016

Billie Walsh composed on 2016-05-14 09:40 (UTC-0500):

> It's just a major pain in the posterior to have to drill down
> through the computer to get to the pages to edit

This is the point my previous reply in this thread alluded to. You need not 
depend on udev to choose the mount location for external storage. Any 
optional filesystem can be mounted virtually any place your heart desires. 
That includes a location that will appear with no more clicks than it takes 
to open Dolphin.

add line to /etc/fstab (unless it already has some other entry for the 
device, in which case delete the old first, then add):

	LABEL=webstuffdisk /home/<myhomedir>/00webstuff ext2,user auto 0 0

	$ sudo e2label /dev/sdb1 webstuffdisk
	$ sudo mkdir /home/<myhomedir>/00webstuff

If billie0w is your home directory, then replace <myhomedir> with billie0w in 
the above.

After restarting, when you open Dolphin with the external disk connected and 
powered on (and Dolphin is not set to show hidden files), then the Dolphin 
window's list of $HOME content will begin with the 00webstuff directory 
(folder). Likewise, if you open mc in your homedir, 00webstuff will be the 
topmost unhidden "file".
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