Second Hard Drive issue

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Fri May 13 13:14:25 UTC 2016

I have an issue with my second hard drive. It get address's like " 
/media/billie0w/5ec13406-3b24-42a6-be83-89871af43dee/Billie0W/***". I 
use it to store my web pages offline for editing. I make bookmarks in a 
browser so I can view my work as I edit but after a reboot the bookmarks 
fail. Something changes and the browser can't find the page. I can't 
"see" any change in the address after the reboot. The numbers "look" the 
same. The one above is from a fail to find in Firefox and Dolphin now 

I've been living with this issue for a while and don't remember exactly 
when it started. I "think" it was when I had a hard drive die and 
installed on a new one some time ago. Before this I have never seen an 
address like that for my secondary hard drive.

I have Kubuntu 14.04, fully up to date [ I'll move over to 16.04 
sometime this summer ]

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