KDE freezes for me.

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Wed Jun 29 06:27:31 UTC 2016

Xen wrote:
> I just want to mention that I have regular KDE GUI freezes and I have
> no clue what causes it.
> It is about as nonspecific as it can get. I suspect the rest of my
> system keeps functioning as normal, so I just activated dropbear (I
> hope) as an SSH server so I can at least reset KDE from outside the
> system.
> I didn't have this on my previous install on the same computer,
> slightly (say 2 weeks) before 16.04 was released, and until I
> installed my new system, some time later.
> The mouse will freeze, the clock will keep ticking, and animitions
> continue to animate. The keyboard stop responding.

You could try if it makes a difference if you replug your mouse / 

> Oh, and I also have regular screen flickering. However this can always
> be solved with a KDE restart (service sddm restart).
> And it only happens (on ocassion) on a fresh restart, so, at some KDE
> starts there will be flickering, others (most) won't, and restarting
> it solves it, and it doesn't suddenly appear during a run (during
> system operation). This also happens in the Live environment, and I'm
> not sure if I should file a bug, or where, but I am using Nouveau
> drivers for an nVidia GPU, for all who care.

I have seen screen flickering with the Nouveau driver, but that's not 
new with 16.04 - with the nvidia driver I don't see this problem. Maybe 
you should try the nvidia driver and see if the freezes still happen.


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