KDE freezes for me.

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Fri Jul 1 09:47:11 UTC 2016

Nils Kassube schreef op 01-07-2016 7:53:

> I don't think it would help, but if you want to wipe your settings,
> please remember that nowadays settings are not only in ~/.kde but also
> in ~/.config and ~/.local. Furthermore, if you use kmail, your messages
> are also stored in one of those directories, so it may be better to not
> wipe them but move them to some backup location.
> Nils

I have installed Cinnamon for, so I can see if it still hangs or not, if 
it would really be driver or X related.

Since the system itself doesn't lock up, last time it happened I just 
SSH'd into the box and checked the syslog.

The only thing of note really, apart from USB errors, was an error 
message from Nouveau:

jun 30 20:40:30 xenpc kernel: nouveau 0000:01:00.0: fifo: LB_ERROR

After that I get a whole bunch of USB errors, but I believe they are 
more common:

jun 30 20:41:06 xenpc kernel: usb 1-4-port2: cannot reset (err = -110)
jun 30 20:41:06 xenpc kernel: usb 1-4-port2: Cannot enable. Maybe the 
USB cable is bad?
jun 30 20:41:07 xenpc upowerd[1442]: (upowerd:1442): 
UPower-Linux-WARNING **: failed to coldplug unifying device: Failed to 
write HID++ request: Connection timed out
jun 30 20:41:07 xenpc kernel: usb 1-4-port2: cannot disable (err = -110)
jun 30 20:41:08 xenpc kernel: usb 1-4-port2: cannot reset (err = -110)

And it does this weirdness:

jun 30 20:44:49 xenpc org.kde.KScreen[2710]: kscreen: Primary output 
changed from KScreen::Output(Id: 99 , Name: "DVI-I-1" ) ( "DVI-I-1" ) to 
KScreen::Output(Id: 99 , Name: "DVI-I-1" ) ( "DVI-I-1" )

But that's all that is in there.

Nothing else that I can do works, except that when I issue "service sddm 
restart" I am instantly back at the login screen and can login just 
fine, I have just lost any data if it was not saved by the application 
or webservice.

I can find no information on the Nouveau error (but Google is not very 
good nowadays) and this also happens with nVidia (latest, or 
almost-latest) and so I think it is more a KDE thing than anything else?

If it is not you would expect the thing to keep happening with Cinnamon, 
but it won't take long to find out, I guess.

Regards, and thanks.

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