Huge Kubuntu-upgrade

Volker Wysk post at
Fri Jan 22 18:11:01 UTC 2016

Am Friday 22 January 2016, 11:08:01 schrieb Robert Charbonneau:
> Hey Volker,
> If you've just installed Kubuntu then it's normal for you to update
> many system packages.  Don't be afraid of updates, they are your friend
> and the Kubuntu packagers do a great job ensuring that all is well in
> user-land.

I've switched from Debian to Kubuntu 15.10 just after it was released. In 
Debian, there is the default "stable" branch, which is updated about every two 
years. If you need something more up to date (namely, KDE) you have to use the 
"testing" and/or "unstable" branches. 

In this case, you can easily trash your system, if you don't exactly know what 
you're doing. I've had to reinstall my system several times. It was a real 
headache, especially in conjunction with KDE, which lacked current versions 
most of the time, and made it really difficult to install them, once they 
appeared in testing/unstable.

It's much better in Kubuntu, except that KDE is as buggy as before. :-> 
Especially KMail.

Many thanks to the Kubuntu packagers.


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