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Doug dmcgarrett at
Thu Apr 28 00:16:21 UTC 2016

I have had two different experiences upgrading to Windows 10: In one 
case, I had Win 8.2 on sda1 and PCLOS on sda5 and sda6. When I did the 
upgrade, I found that Windows had

made the two Linux partitions into one big  unallocated one! For some 
reason, it left the swap partition (sda8) alone.  On another machine, It 
upgraded Win7 to Win 10 without damaging the

Linux partitions. Of course I had to recreate the dual-boot login. 
Finally, altho I very seldom boot into Windows, I was trying to get a 
B-size scanner to work, so I tried installing what I

believed was the proper driver for it in Windows, and then found out 
that I could no longer use the LAN, gt mail, etc. I tried very hard to 
repair Windows, but I could not, and the

downloaded Windows disk which I tried to install would not, altho it 
tried to more or less of an extent on several attempts. As a result i no 
longer have any way of running Windows 10

on that machine, and probably could not reinstall any earlier version, 
because they were all upgrades, one at a time, over the years, from XP, 
and MS will not let you do a fresh install

of an upgraded system that you might have on a disk. So, unless I want 
to buy a new Windows disk, I will have no Windows on that machine. Not 
only that, I was advised on a forum that a

possible reason that Win 10 would not reinstall is that the drivers in 
it are not compatible with my 5-year-old MOBO.  (When it was upgrading, 
the old drivers were still in place.) So even if

I bought a new Windows, it might not install!

You have been warned.


On 04/27/2016 05:12 PM, bmarsh at wrote:
> If it were me I would give that 100gb back to Linux and put windows in virtual box and run it under Linux.  You could probably do with a lot less than 100gb as a virtual machine.  And a Windows seems to run a LOT better as a virtual machine.  Plus, you can have more than one version of Windows if you have the disk space, and you do have enough.
> I have XP, Win7, and Win10 all on the same machine under Vbox but I'm probably going to get rid of one or more soon.  But each version will be backed up and usable if needed.
>> On Apr 27, 2016, at 5:18 PM, Jerry Lapham <rjlapham at> wrote:
>> I have an HP desktop with a 1 TB drive which came with Windows 7.  I shrunk
>> the Windows partition to 100 GB and have installed and run Kubuntu 14.04 LTS.
>> I don't actually use the Windows 7 but I see no reason to delete it.
>> My question is:  is it safe to apply the free Windows 10 upgrade or would it
>> cause problems with my linux partitions?
>>     -Jerry
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