a simple video editor that works

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On 04/26/2016 09:33 AM, Xen wrote: 
> Hey, 
> I have for the previous few hours been trying to cut out a little bit 
> of a youtube video and be able to upload it elsewhere I guess. 
> I first tried kdenlive but it froze the moment I started playing the 
> video. 
> It is just an mp4 from YT @ 720p. 
> Then I tried Openshot. It kept crashing for a while but eventually I 
> learned how to rudimentary reduce the video to a small section. But, 
> then when I exported it, it had cut off like the last second or the 
> last few frames and the audio of the clip (as well as the video, but 
> audio was more important in this case) didn't complete. 
> So I look at a guy writing about Linux software and he tries a lot of 
> programs but ends up with Blender. Now Blender is a ray tracer. But it 
> has a video editing mode. But the interface is really hard to learn, 
> or rather it requires learning. When I finally found out how to get a 
> view of the filesystem, it seems as though I needed to previously set 
> up the folders I could use, which means setting up your project in 
> advance. Then I just gave up, I did not want to learn how to set up a 
> project just to be able to import a video file into it. 
> Is there anything in Linux you can actually use? It seems Blender is 
> the best but it has a steep learning curve and it is not a simple tool. 
> On Windows I used to use Gordian Knot (mostly for MKV files) it is not 
> great and not a real editor but it (sometimes) did what it needed to do. 
> Now I am at a loss because the only thing I can really try is Lightworks. 
> Regards, Xen. 

The key word in the subject line being "simple" the answer is none. 

Avidmux can be used but it is no where near intuitive for a novice. 

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If you only want to cut out parts of the video, especially at the beginning or end, can't you just use VLC? I have used that to chop off the beginning of a video I took before I passed it around. 

This gives an overview: 

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