A bit OT about Viber for Linux

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 15:12:40 UTC 2016

I use Viber quite a lot to communicate and have always liked that a
linux desktop client exist (unlike say WhatsApp, most popular here).

As you may have read they introduced encryption client to client the
other day. And today I guess my wife had updated (I did) on Android.

And bang, suddenly I don't get half the messages I see on the phone,
some I can't send to her.

The encryption thing, of course. Thought "noooo" as there has been no
visible new version for Linux since 2013.

But took a chance, went to website, started downloading viber.deb and it
is near twice the size.

Yep, new version is now up to same release as Android and we can
chat/call as usual.

One wish they could communicate a bit better though...

all the best,

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