kubuntu-users Digest, Vol 135, Issue 10

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Sat Apr 16 19:51:54 UTC 2016

Alan Dacey (grokit) schreef op 16-04-16 21:13:
> That's because Open Office isn't really developed much anymore. Not
> recommended to use it, use Libre Office instead.
> Of course you can always download and install it yourself if you really
> want to (from the official non-secure site - see what I mean by not
> developed much?).
> http://www.openoffice.org/download/

I don't think using a non-SSL/TLS site has much to do with development,
but yeah.

It is still said that OpenOffice will open some formats correctly while
LibreOffice will fail.

This is what Mark Shuttleworth is said to have mentioned on the topic:

"Shuttleworth has a fairly serious disagreement with how the
OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice split came about. He said that Sun made a
$100 million "gift" to the community when it opened up the OpenOffice
code. But a "radical faction" made the lives of the OpenOffice
developers "hell" by refusing to contribute code under the Sun
agreement. That eventually led to the split, but furthermore led Oracle
to finally decide to stop OpenOffice development and lay off 100
employees. He contends that the pace of development for LibreOffice is
not keeping up with what OpenOffice was able to achieve and wonders if
OpenOffice would have been better off if the "factionalists" hadn't won."


So I just want to say here: if you first sabotage your competing
product, and then claim that yours is developing faster, you're not
really being honest about any of this.

It appears as though OpenOffice was simply sabotaged because a group of
developers refused to contribute to it. Meanwhile, due to licenses,
LibreOffice was able to steal code from OO.org, but not the other way

I think it has been a ghastly thing and I think LibreOffice exists for
no other reason than that it has a "better license" which matters
apparently to Open Source enthusiasts but not really not anyone else.

Not saying if OpenOffice is still better or is "betterly" developed but
the mindset that took over and created LibreOffice was and still is not
very consumer-oriented, and the people that laud its superiority are
usually just full of shit.

It's not about the end user for the largest part.

At the same time I cannot even get OpenOffice to "install" itself into
my KDE menu now, so I am using LibreOffice for convenience.

However if you need it for a simple one-time task, there is no hurt in
installing OpenOffice as well, you may just need to run it from the
command line or something.

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