IBM EPM editor clone for kubuntu?

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Sat Apr 9 17:51:49 UTC 2016

On 04/07/2016 04:10 PM, Lothar W Frommhold wrote:
> Hello All:
> As a former OS/2 user who is presently getting comfortable with 
> kubuntu, I sorely miss the IBM EPM editor, or certain features of it 
> (reflowing text after major editing, certain block editing/programming 
> features, etc.). Kate has many good other features, and I seem unable 
> to get comfortable with emacs. The IBM text editor families have 
> nearly all been cloned for several OSs, but I was unable to find an 
> EPM clone for linux - or would any of these perhaps do: slickedit, E3, 
> X2, XEDIT, KEDIT, THE? My question: is there an EPM (or similar IBM 
> family) clone, proprietory or otherwise, for linux that one could 
> consider? Any info you may know of would be appreciated! (Another OS/2 
> apps I miss is PMVIEW.)
> Lothar

Have you looked at  "THE"  (the Hessling Editor)?   This is a clone of 
the very nice editor on VM/370 and also has a nice link to REXX 
(Regina)  which also came from VM/370.

Very Powerful and between VM/370, OS./2 and now *Ubuntu, I've been using 
the same editor for the last 46 years (and a very happy camper)

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