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Thomas nyuwa at
Fri Oct 23 02:28:38 UTC 2015

Well, you say that every other distro will let you do what you want. 
Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE. You can run KDE on Mint, and
> you have access to all the Ubuntu apps. Why not just run Mint?
> --doug
Thank you.
I am already considering to make a clean install of Mint.
However, I was interested in the PRINCIPLE.
(I have been trying to get friendly with Linux for 8 years now and WISH 
to switch to it as my working environment.)

I get these "minor" but nonetheless annoying problems all the time.
And in most cases* there just seems to be NO WAY to fix them, making 
reinstallation the only option left.
At least, if you are not a computer specialist - like me.
I "had" to do this already a thousand times ... another reason for being 
called "stupid" all the time,
since, according to the specialists, it is sooo easy fix everything in 

* I make myself usually very unpopular by just asking for help.

Sorry for the commotion.
I will try again.

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