Linux build 3.19.0-31

Alan Dacey (grokit) grokit at
Thu Oct 8 22:24:40 UTC 2015

Did the graphics drivers build correctly on the new kernel update?  I've got an nvidia card and once in a while DKMS doesn't build the ones for the new kernel correctly.  Boot into recovery mode and manually build them.  At least it's something to cross off the list if it doesn't work.


On Thursday, October 08, 2015 3:39:15 PM Errol Sapir wrote:
> At one of the recent updates, the unbtu linux build 3.19.0-31 was installed.  If I go into Kubuntu with that as my generic build, my computer freezes. Can't do anything, press a mouse button, keyboard, nothing. The only way out of that is a forced restart of my computer. If I go into my computer with the previous build -, the computer works fine. Meanwhile that's how I'm working. Anything else I should do? I have a powerful computer with 8 giga ram and am using Kubuntu 15.04 which, as I said was working fine until this new update.
> Errol
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