rotating/flipping video the correct way

Little Girl littlergirl at
Thu May 28 02:20:17 UTC 2015

Hey there,

peter maddison wrote:

> I have taken a video with my Sony Z2. I took the video in landscape
> mode (turned mobile to the left) and when I play the video it
> automatically turns the video back round by 90° so when you play
> it, you have to tilt your head to watch it.
> I have installed avidemux and tried to rotate it, which works but
> the image is mirrored.
> So, my next question is... How do I flip the image so it doesn’t
> show writing backwards but the right way round.

I don't know how to permanently fix it, but you can use VLC media
player to flip and/or rotate it and play it. Open VLC and go through
these menus: Tools --> Effects and Filters --> Video Effects -->
Geometry. Then check the box next to Transform and use the selector
to rotate and/or flip the video. I had to do this with a Tai Chi video
because I wanted the instructor to be a mirror to me, which made more
sense to my brain than trying to analyze his moves and make them on
the opposite side. (:

Little Girl

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