Search option on dolphin File Manager not working in other partitions - UbuntuStudio 15.04

Sun May 17 01:08:10 UTC 2015

I use the file manager Dolphin UbuntuStudio from version 12.04 and then
14.04 and to activate the search option I have to install: 'systemsettings'
via synaptic next configured in the search options and worked (the option
was created there in the Configuration Manager), but now in the release
15.04 I found a way to make working (only not work in other partitions):

Install this via synaptic:


Ok, now the dolphin file search is already enabled only in HOME.

I thy to enable to search in other partitions but not working

I put this command in a terminal:

kcmshell4 kcm_baloofileadv

will open a window and there you will see a "Folders" tab, HOME is already
added by default, to add the other partitions, see my example:

Now I add my other two partitions:

But not working.

I know this command to disable the search in other partitions or folders:

kcmshell4 kcm_baloofile

Well, for instance here I put a picture of the list of packages that I have

The search on HOME working fine but in other partitions not working.

I am spanish parlant sorry my english

Washington Indacochea Delgado
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