[15.04 64Bit]-Stop Complaining About It...

Girard Henri girardhenri at free.fr
Sat May 16 15:46:45 UTC 2015

Le 16/05/2015 11:31, O. Sinclair a écrit :
> On 15/05/2015 19:59, Valter Mura wrote:
>> Il 12/05/2015 22:11, Jesse Palser ha scritto:
>>> Seriously?
>>> I have to read all these emails?
>>> If you are unhappy with Kubuntu then go back to Windows.
>>> Jesse
>> I'm quite satisfied with Kubuntu 14.10. But, as I read there are still
>> many issues to solve with Plasma 5, I prefer to stay with my 14.10
>> installation, and wait for some months.
>> Ciao
> I am 100 with you on this Valter - this to me being a core of this
> discussion: why jump to Plasma5 when it was obvious it was going to be
> problematic?
> Why would I want to go to Windows, I am fine in my 14.10? In fact I do
> use Windows, it is part of my job. And I refused Windows Vista, I am not
> touching Windows 8, I hope Win10 will be OK.
> I am convinced KDE5 will be alright - later. That is my whole point.
> Later. Just as Win7 corrected HastaLaVista and hopefully Win10 will put
> Win8.x to the history books.
> So a Plasma5.5 or so will hopefully do the trick
I think you are optimistic about win 10 ... lol

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