15.-4 will not work, How can I go back to 14.10

Richard Barmann reb68 at att.net
Tue May 12 16:49:20 UTC 2015

On 05/12/2015 01:50 AM, Nils Kassube wrote:
> Richard Barmann wrote:
>> I have Xfce version 4.12. I tried to install Google Earth using
>> Synaptic. I tried to install Google Earth using Muon. I dpwnloaded the
>> package and when I drop down it says to open wit Muon. None of them
>> worked. I know it is something I need to do differently but need
>> help. Thank you

> You didn't mention which package you tried to install. You should
> install "googleearth-package" from the Ubuntu repositories. That would
> also install necessary dependencies.
> However considering that it was determined earlier that your graphic
> card doesn't support plasma, it may also not support google earth. AFAIK
> you need 3D support for google earth and I don't think thet the standard
> nouveau driver can do that. Then you would need the appropriate nvidia
> driver for your card, which seems to be in the package "nvidia-304".
> Nils
> I had Googleearth working fine in Kubuntu 14.10 and previous vertions but now because I cannot get version 15.04 to work I have Xfce and cannot get it installed.I will try the above mentioned googleearth-package if I can find it.

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