About updating to latest newest version - my thoughts

Kevin O'Brien nadreck at palain.com
Tue May 12 11:43:50 UTC 2015

I also prefer stability, which is why I am sticking to LTS releases.
Kubuntu 14.04 does everything I need, and no doubt when 16.04 rolls
out it will be fine and I will experience the joys of Plasma 5 in a
more settled state.


On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 2:42 AM, O. Sinclair <o.sinclair at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> from my point of view Plasma/KDE5 is not mature enough for production
> use. That is how I see it and feel free to disagree.
> I have one computer and I use to make a living. There is a degree to how
> much I can surrender a working stable environment to "new and shiny".
> This is not meant as an offense to the developers who have spent
> countless hours on the "5" environment.
> What I dont get/understand is how many just seem to jump on to this
> upgrade and did not expect serious breakages? Then go on to use XCFE or
> Lubuntu instead of, to me, simply staying where you are?
> Use 14.04 or 14.10. If you want a newer kernel go mainline kernel ppa
> (as I type this I am on kernel 4.1.rc2), for graphics there are several
> ppa for Libreoffice again the same.
> If you choose to go Plasma5 then EXPECT breakages and lack of functions.
> It is still in development (sorry devs but that is the truth) and you
> are likely to hit snags for at least 2 releases of Kubuntu.
> With lots of respect to Kubuntu maintainers and developers,
> Sinclair
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