Activating extra keyboard keys

Nils Kassube kassube at
Thu May 7 07:55:21 UTC 2015

Phil wrote:
> I recently bought a new keyboard which has a row of extra keys
> including a browser, e-mail and volume setting keys. I was wondering
> if it might be possible to have these keys do their intended job?
> These extra keys do wake a sleeping computer so they are active under
> Kubuntu.
> Keyboard settings looked like the likely way to set up the keys but
> that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Here is what I replied to a similar question about a year ago:

| Navigate to "K-menu" -> "System Settings" -> "Shortcuts and Gestures"
| -> "Custom Shortcuts". Right-click in the "Name" area and select "New"
| -> "Global Shortcut" -> "Command/URL". Type a name for the shortcut
| like "Calculator" and replace the "Comment" if you want. Then click
| the "Trigger" tab. Click at the "Shortcut" button which is labeled
| "None" and press the special key to trigger the action. Then click the
| "Action" tab and enter the command to start the calculator - 
| "kcalc --caption KCalc" (without quotes) should work. Finally click
| "Apply" and test if it works.

I haven't tried this with 15.04 though, maybe it works different with 


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