Can I get my desktop back in 15.04?

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Wed May 6 06:08:04 UTC 2015

On Wednesday 06 May 2015 01:30:44 Felix Miata wrote:
> O. Sinclair composed on 2015-05-06 07:03 (UTC+0200):
> > This is of course a personal reflection but I don't see why the
> > choice should be either KDE 3.5.10 or Plasma5.
> It isn't. TDE has evolved beyond 3.5.10, and as you suggested,
> sticking with 14.10 should be valid, at least for most users who
> didn't stick with 14.04LTS, another valid option.
> >  What is wrong with the stable 14.10 KDE4 version?
> Nothing, to those who don't know any better, but to many in the know,
> the same things wrong with any KDE4. KDE4 never recovered all the
> features lost in the V3-to-V4 rewrite, devoting limited upstream KDE
> resources instead to bling, fixing new bugs, and paradigm changes,
> instead of recovering lost features. The V4-to-V5 rewrite is dejavu so
> far. 5.2 isn't ready, 5.3 won't be ready, and 5.4 doesn't appear to be
> on track to match V4 capability either. --
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I am with Felix on this.  As a fork of 3.5, TDE R14 has proved to be full 
featured to my taste, and rock solid stable. I used to have an 
occasional WTH? with KDE, and despite some growing pains bringing its 
configuration up to what I am used to, once set, it has stayed "set".  
Been using it for about 6 weeks or so, since Lisi told me about it.  
Thanks girl, I appreciated that.

I do give kmail some help though, I long ago (several years in fact) took 
the responsibility for going out on the net to my mail servers to get 
the mail, primarily because of the long pause in the rest of kmail when 
it has to do that, so I have fetchmail running on a regular schedule, 
and procmail running it thru clamav and spamassassin plus its own 
killfile recipes and delivering the survivors to /var/spool/mail.  One 
of my homemade bash daemons has sent inotifywait to watch that 
directory, and return the name of the file that was just written to and 
closed.  That in turn sends kmail a getmail command over either dbus or 
dcop depending on the systems com channel for such things.  So the 
minute plus pauses while it goes after the mail are now perhaps 1/2 
second long as all it has to do is read and parse the message into the 
correct folder.

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