Can I get my desktop back in 15.04?

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Wed May 6 05:03:33 UTC 2015

On 05/05/2015 18:11, D. R. Evans wrote:
> Felix Miata wrote on 05/04/2015 11:33 AM:
>> If you liked the Kubuntu of yore, "switching" to it is pretty 
>> easy. Just use apt-get and/or aptitude to add TDE, and if space 
>> is tight, remove the Plasma5 desktop and whichever of the newer 
>> apps you don't like or won't use.
> I have been intending to try that for at least the last couple of 
> years. Perhaps it is time to do something more than have the 
> intention. It would certainly take less time than switching to a 
> different distribution.
This is of course a personal reflection but I don't see why the choice
should be either KDE 3.5.10 or Plasma5. What is wrong with the stable
14.10 KDE4 version?

Being *buntu, I use a few PPA to get the latest LibreOffice, Mesa and
so on. I use an older kernel via the mainline PPA as it works better
for my hardware (I also have 4.0 kernel but don't use it, something
bugs up with my hybrid Intel/AMD gpu). But reverting to 3.5.10?? Why?

Kind regards,

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