Any alternative for the Firefox plug-in 'Adobe Flash Player'?

Ralf Mardorf kde.lists at
Sat Jul 18 09:18:44 UTC 2015

On Sat, 18 Jul 2015 08:54:07 +0200, O. Sinclair wrote:
>> After much experimenting I managed, had to
>> install Chrome instead of Chromium though. That does not bother me
>> too much, am not a "gnu fanatic". I tried various links of how to
>> get it to work w/o Chrome but failed all of them.
>A note though: it kills flash in Qupzilla totally and in Rekonq you get
>just a black square. Rekonq I dont use any more but Qupzilla.. hm have
>to think about this

It's said that the Google browsers are more secure, than the Mozilla and
Mozilla based browsers and Firefox isn't really GNU.

If you want a GNU browser based on Firefox consider to use GNU IceCat,
it has got an option to "Block execution of non-free JavaScript", but if
it's enabled, then Start Page and YouTube don't work anymore. Another
drawback of IceCat is that it has the same odd history, as Firefox has
got. I prefer QupZilla's history, that doesn't lose focus, if a link is

I dislike Google browsers, but I will test Iridium.

However, my Qupzilla's HTML5 does work, e.g. YouTube videos aren't an
issue. On my machine no Flash, Gnash or other is installed.

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