Any alternative for the Firefox plug-in 'Adobe Flash Player'?

Ralf Mardorf kde.lists at
Thu Jul 16 16:00:23 UTC 2015

On Thu, 16 Jul 2015 17:12:51 +0200, Bas Roufs wrote:
>To be honest, if Adobe does not continue any more development of his
>flash player for Linux, I would prefer using some alternative that
>continues to be maintained and developed. Do you know any alternative
>with a similar functionality, allowing me to get rid of Adobe Flash

You could try Chromium and assumed it shouldn't work, then try Chrome.

However, think twice, if "Block reported..." options are enabled and
you're using a default about:config, then Firefox already phones too
much home. Why isn't HTML5 not good enough for Facebook?

Consider not to continue using Facebook and similar crap.

It might be that even Chrome won't work, if so, then you could try to
run something using wine or a virtual machine.


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