Any alternative for the Firefox plug-in 'Adobe Flash Player'?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Thu Jul 16 15:12:51 UTC 2015

Hello Everybody,

ever since a few days, the Firefox plug in 'Adobe Flash Player' is causing
problems. When visiting Facebook or any other website with video content, I
get information like this:

*'Firefox has prevented the unsafe plugin 'Adobe Flash' from running on <>.'*
When clicking for more info, I arrive at this page:

A page from where it is apparently possible to download a newer? version of
this plug-in. However, I prefer to use some flash package from one of the
regular repositories.

At that page, Adobe writes the following:

*'(...) Adobe Flash Player 11.2 will be the last version to target Linux as
a supported platform. Adobe will continue to provide security backports to
Flash Player 11.2 for Linux.(...)'.*

To be honest, if Adobe does not continue any more development of his flash
player for Linux, I would prefer using some alternative that continues to
be maintained and developed. Do you know any alternative with a similar
functionality, allowing me to get rid of Adobe Flash Player?

Respectfully yours,
Bas G. Roufs.


Bas G. Roufs

Utrecht, NL, E. BasRoufs at; Mob. +31 6 446 835 10;
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