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Wed Jul 15 08:17:13 UTC 2015

As someone who's used each of the packaged icon sets for Kubuntu as well as icon sets I've downloaded via sources, there's three things you should know before embarking on this journey of "Why is this icon not appearing for me the way I expect it to?"

1. The applications in your system menu live in:
	- /usr/share/applications/
	- ~/.local/share/applications
   You can specify the icon for the application in the .desktop files found there, but it must be an application that the icon set you are using has a version of; I've never tried to specify an absolute path to a file, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.  If your icon set doesn't have an icon, I believe it defaults to the lowest common denominator (application has its own, default icon set 'Breeze' has one for it) but I don't know about their precedence, if any.

2. Any time one of your applications is updated via Muon, the .desktop file will be overwritten in /usr/share/applications (I change the icon back to what my set supports for google-chrome to chromium all the time.)  ~/.local/share/applications would not be overwritten unless the application that was updated performs an update on its own.

3. I use Docky on my desktop and it obeys the GTK+ icon set and not what KDE sets as the icon set.  It may be that one environment doesn't play as nicely with the others settings.

Until all desktop environments can come to agree on a scheme for icons, this is likely to continue being a perplexing problem for end users.

On July 15, 2015 05:20:55 PM Brenton Horne wrote:
> Hi,
> I have 32 bit Ubuntu 15.04, with Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and almost 
> every available desktop environment installed on my Dell Vostro laptop 
> (further details about my system may be found here 
> <>). The problem is that some application 
> launchers (i.e., .desktop files pinned to the KDE Panel/Menu) are not 
> displaying the icon specified in their `Icon=` line, even though in all 
> other desktop environments they are. Most of the desktop configuration 
> files encountering this problem are self-made but some aren't (e.g., the 
> Avogadro and RuneScape Unix Client launchers aren't displaying their 
> icons either). I also asked this question on AskUbuntu 
> <> 
> (I recommend viewing this link as it also includes a screenshot that 
> illustrates the problem too) three days ago with no reply so far. My 
> theme and everything (except my icon theme which is elementary-Xfce, but 
> I have tried the default icon theme and other icon themes like Faenza 
> with no change in this issue) are set to defaults.
> Thanks for your time,
> Brenton

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