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Thu Jul 2 05:11:27 UTC 2015

On 02/07/2015 06:31, Doug wrote:
> On 07/01/2015 11:42 PM, O. Sinclair wrote:
>> On 02/07/2015 04:27, Doug wrote:
> /snip/
>>> Windows 8.1 can be made to look like 7 if you get Classic Shell, and it
>>> is reputed to be more resistant to malware. There are a number of things
>>> that are not compatible, however. Frinstance, there is no driver for an
>>> HP Photsmart 1115 printer. I don't know what else doesn't work. 8.1
>>> boots
>>> quite a bit faster than 7, if that makes any difference to you.
>>> FWIW, I do most of my computing in Linux.
>>> --doug
>> Windows 8.x is a mess... we have tried to avoid it as much as possible
>> where I operate. Those few who for reasons of new computers are using it
>> are as unhappy as the Vista users were in those days. I am trying out
>> Windows 10 and it is way better.
>> But for me it is Kubuntu that is my choice and for now I stay on 14.10
>> while running 15.04 in a Vbox to "keep an eye" on how it matures.
> I've heard complaints about Win 8.x, and altho I have it on one machine,
> I don't use Windows much at all. I do use Classic Shell, so I never see
> those
> big ugly square things. I am curious as to what makes you (and others)
> dislike Win 8.x so much. (And btw, I don't own, and never will, a
> touch-screen computer! I have tried touch screens, and I _really_
> dislike them! Except for Garmin.)
> --doug
Hm, this is less and less about KDE but OK here goes: users hate the
lack of a traditional start menu, the extreme difficulties in finding
certain settings (very well hidden). The only happy users I know do have
touch screens, incidentally. Also several users have problems with
wireless connections that do not happen to Windows7 users in same office
and I do not think it is hardware issues but system/driver issues

I could go on but for me it is just another Vista. The previews of
Windows10 I have used seem like a way better compromise for traditional
and touchscreen users both.

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