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Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sat Jan 17 23:01:09 UTC 2015

My better half says that the video card most likely doesn't support 
audio out on HDMI or DVI. Only implements part of the HDMI standard. She 
also said that any audio settings have to be set to PGM if it does 
support it. And I have no idea what that is.

On 01/17/2015 01:45 PM, peter maddison wrote:
> I remember having problems with my other MoBo and lack of sound.
> As I mentioned in my first post, I had to get audio to the TV via the 
> standard speaker jack while using the DVI output with a DVI to HDMI 
> converter so I could connect to the HDMI in the back of the TV.
> On 17/01/15 15:02, Billie Walsh wrote:
>> On 01/17/2015 07:20 AM, peter maddison wrote:
>>> I hope somebody can help me with this problem.
>>> I have an ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 which has 3 video outputs; 1 VGA , 1 
>>> DVI & 1 HDMI. My monitor is connected via the VGA.
>>> What I am trying to do is connect my 51" Samsung Series 4 
>>> (PS51E450A1W) via the HDMI.
>>> I have done that by using a HDMI cable, that was the easy part. The 
>>> hard part is SOUND.
>>> How do I get sound to the TV.
>>> I have tried using the standard audio output which you connect the 
>>> speakers to but that does not work.
>>> Yes, there is a SPDIF output next to the HDMI output on the MoBo BUT 
>>> there is NO SPDIF INPUT on the TV, so HOW do I get sound to the TV???
>>> With my previous MoBo, ASUS M3A76CM, I did have it connected to the 
>>> TV via the DVI to HDMI. How I got the sound to the TV was by using 
>>> the output which is normally used for the speakers.
>>> I did buy a SPDIF cable before I checked the TV to see that there is 
>>> ONLY SPDIF OUTPUT. I have seen something on eBay 
>>> <http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Optical-SPDIF-Coaxial-Digital-to-RCA-L-R-Analog-Audio-Converter-with-3-5mm-Jack-/301489588581?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_Other&hash=item46322e0965> 
>>> to convert SPDIF digital to analog but want to be sure that it will 
>>> work connecting to the audio in next to the HDMI input on the TV.
>>> Thanks
>>> Pete
>> The HDMI standard includes audio.
>> The issue becomes does your computer comply with that part of the 
>> standard or is there possibly a setting somewhere that turns it on. I 
>> would assume that if the computer has the HDMI output it most likely 
>> supports audio so I would look for a setting somewhere. But, one 
>> should never assume anything.
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