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Hi Thomas,

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 4:32 PM, Thomas Blasejewicz <nyuwa at> wrote:

> ...
> Apart from this repeated freezing, I already noted several problems, even
> before I had any chance to mess things up.
> a) on another computer running the exact same OS, the settings for "input
> devices" by default allow setting for the touchpad;
>     NOT on this computer, those items are greyed out.
> b) I NEED English, Japanese + German on the computer; on other computers I
> was (after much trouble) able to set up Japanese input;
>     on THIS computer I cannot setup the "input method" - not even after I
> installed the relevant software (which should be there by default)
> And I am afraid, a lot more trouble is to come; it ALWAYS does.
> So, if anybody has any ideas as to how to make things work .. at least a
> little ... that would be great.

How about actually giving some input about the hardware? Maybe the computer
you want to install Kubuntu on has some non-supported hardware, which might
be the case for some very old SiS graphic cards for example ... comparing 2
computers with different hardware can't be done 1:1 anyway.

Also: how did you install and do you have verified sources? e.g. did you
check the md5sum against the downloaded ISO?

We can do this step by step, but you will need to first provide more


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