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Thu Jan 8 00:24:50 UTC 2015

On 01/07/2015 06:06 PM, clydp at wrote:
> Hi Billie Walsh,
> I don't know if you have the time, but if you do:
> Can you possibly, on firefox, type in; frostwire for kubuntu 32 bit,
> then choose item, HOW TO INSTALL FROSTWIRE 5.7.7 on ubuntu, debian, fedora
> then, when at that page, pg dn twice then a couple of one arrow down clicks.
> There is a three line code to type in.
> what I need to know is, will that work for 32 bit kubuntu.
> thanks ever so much,
> Clyde Poldrack
> clydp at
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Even easier.

Go to:

You can download the file directly with Firefox. Open Dolphin. Go the 
the Download directory and find the file "frostwire-5.7.7.all.deb ". 
Left click. The installer should open to install the program.

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