15.10 fails to boot thin-LVM

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Fri Aug 28 19:38:09 UTC 2015

I have a 15.10 install that I copied onto a thinly provisioned LVM. After 
this change, the system wouldn't boot anymore. I'm not sure about the 
exact error messages at this point, but suffice to say for now that there 
were errors about the thin-volumes not being able to be loaded. This may 
actually have to do with the package thin-provisioning-tools not being 
installed by default, or not being included in the initrd.

I can't regen my initrd at this point due to the other problem of not 
being able to chroot into my install. I will have to boot it from a 
regular partition, try to regen the initrd (how can I do that if it won't 
know I'll need it?) and then boot from there when the thing is copied back 
onto the thin.

It is because activating a thin-volume will try to use thin_check and if 
it's not there, it will fail :(. A pretty bad dependency, I must say.

But it's the same as cryptsetup... I think it really needs thin_check in 
the initrd to even begin loading the volumes.

Does anyone have a recipe for getting this working?

I can
- boot the system from a regular partition
- install the package from there
- regenerate the initrd and install it

What is the third step? Will it work automatically? Do I need to provide a 
hook for initramfs-tools or something?.

Regards, Bart

ps. I would also suggest to add thin-provisioning-tools to the base image 
of Kubuntu.


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