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Richard Barmann composed on 2015-08-18 23:18 (UTC-0400):

>> When I boot up, (and I mentioned this 6 weeks ago and got no answer) I 
>> get a text that flashes real fast. Some times it still boots up in 
>> Xfce so it might not be important. First line is a long 
>> number----1.xxxxxxxx ACPI PCC Probe Failed. Second line is Starting 
>> Version 219

According to
that seems to have two possible meanings:

1-for people who do not have NVidia/GeForce video, and people with non-recent
PCs, it means nothing

2-for people who have NVidia/GeForce video, it *might* mean there is
malconfiguration and/or bad installation of a proprietary NVidia driver,
which may mean a need to boot in rescue mode (without allowing the GUI to
start) and removing the nvidia driver according to the directions found on
that page.

#2 may be applicable to your installation. For us to respectably guess if
this is so, we need to see both those Xorg.0.logs asked for here and the
output of 'dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia' and the content of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
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