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On Tuesday 18 August 2015 21:28:31 Felix Miata wrote:

> Gene Heskett composed on 2015-08-18 13:07 (UTC-0400):
> > Richard Barmann wrote:
> >> I went into the partition manager and looked deeper. On the
> >> partitions that I sent you yesterday sda1, sdb1, and sdb2 show a
> >> yellow warning and say "not properly aligned" in KDE partition
> >> manager. Could that be my problem? I sent the GOOD and BAD logs
> >> last night as requested. Dick Barmann
> >
> > Those errors will not generally stop it from working with any recent
> > kernel, but they WILL make disk access quite slow.
> They won't make Richard's 160GB and 80GB HDs slow. The alignment
> warnings he saw are almost certainly about deviation from mainstream
> BIOS HD partitioning conventions, less likely not leaving 1MiB of
> unpartitioned space at the start of each HD as has become customary to
> leave room for more boot code than fits in the MBR sector.
> > And I am glad somebody has finally made a disk partitioner (besides
> > GParted) aware of this.  It rears its ugly head ONLY with drives
> > whose NATIVE sector size is >512 bytes, typically 4096 bytes for
> > todays 1 terrabyte and up drives, but it is not a problem with 512
> > bytes per sector drives.
> AFAICT, 4k sector disks didn't show up in the wild until long after
> Richard's 512 byte HDs were manufactured.
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I came in late to this thread, and was not aware of the age/size of his 
drive(s) when I wrote that.  Thanks for the update Felix.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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