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Wed Aug 19 01:28:31 UTC 2015

Gene Heskett composed on 2015-08-18 13:07 (UTC-0400):

> Richard Barmann wrote:

>> I went into the partition manager and looked deeper. On the partitions
>> that I sent you yesterday sda1, sdb1, and sdb2 show a yellow warning
>> and say "not properly aligned" in KDE partition manager. Could that be
>> my problem? I sent the GOOD and BAD logs last night as requested. Dick
>> Barmann

> Those errors will not generally stop it from working with any recent 
> kernel, but they WILL make disk access quite slow.

They won't make Richard's 160GB and 80GB HDs slow. The alignment warnings he
saw are almost certainly about deviation from mainstream BIOS HD partitioning
conventions, less likely not leaving 1MiB of unpartitioned space at the start
of each HD as has become customary to leave room for more boot code than fits
in the MBR sector.

> And I am glad somebody has finally made a disk partitioner (besides 
> GParted) aware of this.  It rears its ugly head ONLY with drives whose 
> NATIVE sector size is >512 bytes, typically 4096 bytes for todays 1 
> terrabyte and up drives, but it is not a problem with 512 bytes per 
> sector drives.

AFAICT, 4k sector disks didn't show up in the wild until long after Richard's
512 byte HDs were manufactured.
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