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Richard Barmann composed on 2015-08-16 21:38 (UTC-0400):

> When I boot up the first item is labled unbuntu and at Login I can 
> choose Xfce, or Plasma  which will not load, or Gnome, Ubuntu, and 
> Failsafe. I also have windows98 and then the bad Kubuntu.

> The others will only load Kubuntu with parts missing and what you see on 
> the screen is out of proportion and not able to read.

So the only current problem with 15.04 now is screen display is bad, but it
does boot, right? If that is true, then it should be repairable, not in need
of reinstallation. Even if you reinstall 15.04, odds are that the nouveau
driver isn't working for your 6200 and you need the proprietary driver to
solve the display problem.

Repairs regarding NVidia drivers should be made from a virtual console
(Ctrl-Alt-Fn), not from KDE or XFCE. The GUI display manager should be shut
down before installing or removing the 304.125 or any other NVidia driver, as
stated in instructions for installing it.

Part of getting the NVidia driver properly installed is to adjust your Grub
configuration so that nomodeset is included on the cmdline. Another part is
installing the kernel source for the installed kernel, which also can be done
from a virtual terminal using aptitude or apt-get.

A read of
might enable you to get the proprietary driver installed without help. If
not, maybe you could find a local Linux guru or user group to help you by
placing a Craigslist ad. Maybe there is a local seniors or church group that
could help.

At this point, if 15.04 boots and only its video is corrupt, altering your
partitioning is probably not warranted, a waste of time, and maybe
detrimental to progress.

You should upload /var/log/Xorg.0.log from each of your good and your bad
Kubuntus to pastebin so that we can compare them and know better how to
suggest you proceed.
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