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I am not
smart enough to delete and set the partitions so I am not touching that.
My friend , Robbie, who had a stroke while waiting for his heart
transplant, would walk me through things like that


Just choose the partition that has kubuntu on it to be mounted as / and
choose cache partition as it is.

NB: As for heart transplant, may be could be cured using simple
prescription: garlic juice, ginger juice, apple cider vinegar, lime juice
boiled them from 4 portion become 3 portion, mixed with 3 portion of pure
honey. Take 1 table spoon before breakfast for 21 days. My brother supposed
to put ring in the hearr vein, but the doctor cancell it after he took that
prescription as there is no more blockage. There are many stories of
cancelled heart by pass as well.
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