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Sun Aug 16 04:19:43 UTC 2015

On 08/15/2015 11:29 PM, Richard Barmann wrote:
> On 08/15/2015 11:19 PM, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
>> Richard, it sounds like your problem one is that Kubuntu isn't working
>> for you. I'll bet that whatever is hindering Kubuntu from starting for
>> you, is always stopping Gwenview from opening correctly.
>> Can you tell us what version of Kubuntu you were using before upgrading?
>> What method did you use to upgrade? Muon, apt, aptitude? Did you get
>> error messages?
>> And now, what happens when you try to start Kubuntu?
>> Valorie
>> On Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Richard Barmann <reb68 at> wrote:
>>> I always used Gwenview to separate and slideshow pictures. I am 
>>> using Xfce
>>> because Kubuntu will not open in this upgrade. Now suddenly Gwenview 
>>> will
>>> not open and I get "The window will not open and is not responding. 
>>> Should I
>>> terminate? It was working until last week. Is there another program 
>>> that
>>> will work better in Xfce or is the Gwenview program where I can fix it?
>>> Thank You
>>> Dick Barmann
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> I always upgraded 2 times a year. When I tried to upgrade to Version 
> 15.04 it would not open. When I try to open it stops on the splash 
> screen. I get a blank screen.
> While opening it has a warning about 219. I can reboot now and get the 
> exact message. Several of the knowledgeable people on the forum told 
> me I needed to upgrade the video card but I can't just go buy 
> anything. I need to know that I get the right one.
> Dick Barmann
>> When I get the message "Upgrade Is Available" I follow the 
>> instruction to uograde as I always did twice a year.
I rebooted in Kubuntu 15.05 and see "Starting Version 219 with each 
start up. I have 4 choices on the password screen. Plasma, 
With Plasma I get a screen with colorfull triangles. After a while I get 
an error message "No System Tray detected on this system." " the window 
is labled
>> HPLIP STATUS SERVICE"(Which is the printer) Cannot exit normally
With Gnome I get to the log in screen  which is a Band across with Time 
and my name. Then shows picture of horses in sand and then file Icons. 
Then error message Sorry, Ubuntu has experienced an internal error.Then 
an error window opens with details. First line is ExecutablePath Second 
line is /usr/bin/nautilus
I was not able to cut and paste ir but I copied one line. "Nautilus 
crashed with SIGSEGV in jpc_qmfp_join_colgrp ()
Does this help? Thank you for your time
Dick Barmann

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