Richard Barmann dick at
Sat Aug 15 23:07:13 UTC 2015

On 08/15/2015 04:17 PM, O. Sinclair wrote:
> On 15/08/2015 18:21, Richard Barmann wrote:
>> I always used Gwenview to separate and slideshow pictures. I am using
>> Xfce because Kubuntu will not open in this upgrade. Now suddenly
>> Gwenview will not open and I get "The window will not open and is not
>> responding. Should I terminate? It was working until last week. Is there
>> another program that will work better in Xfce or is the Gwenview program
>> where I can fix it?
>> Thank You
>> Dick Barmann
> You mention nothing of what version you are running etc and that kind of
> makes it hard to assist
>   I am running Xfce version 4.12 and the gwenview that moon installs is 4:14.12.3 Oubuntu1
Just tried to install Gwenview from a Terminal using sudo apt-get 
install gwenview. It installed but I have the same problem.
This window might be busy and not responding. Do you want to terminate?
Dick Barmann

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