Kubuntu Vivid slow to shut down

Donatas G. dgvirtual at akl.lt
Sun Apr 26 18:21:02 UTC 2015

So now I can do a fast reboot, halt the system, but - only using command
line. If I choose to shutdown the system through the Kicker menu, it still
takes almost two minutes.

I have disabled these plymouth-* services:


 but these ones remain enabled, as I am afraid to touch those:


Anyway, to disable something is just a workaround. Hope to find real
solution some time.


2015-04-26 14:49 GMT+03:00 Donatas G. <dgvirtual at akl.lt>:

> Thank you Felix and Kaj for suggestions. I could not get to see what
> happens during shutdown, no mater what I tried according to the link Felix
> suggested.
> However, I have sort-of solved the problem. For some reason (although I
> had no proof it might be related) I continued investigating the the
> possible plymouth involvement in the long shutdown process. Maybe because I
> would not get the splash during shutdown - only a black screen with cursor
> blinking at the top left corner.
> first of all I noticed that in the plymouth conf scripts in /etc/init/
> there are references to lightdm being waited for, while lightdm is no
> longer used as a default. I tried to change those entries to sddm, but it
> changed nothing.
> Then I tried to see what services related to plymouth there are on my
> system.
> $ sudo service plymouth-<tab> revealed these ones:
> plymouth-halt        plymouth-quit        plymouth-quit-wait
> plymouth-read-write  plymouth-reboot      plymouth-start
> so I stopped plymouth-reboot by running
> sudo service plymouth-reboot stop
> and tried rebooting. To my surprise, the system rebooted in three seconds.
> So I googled on how to disable plymouth-reboot service and came up with
> this:
> sudo systemctl disable plymouth-reboot.service
> and now the system reboots fine.
> Hope the
> sudo systemctl disable plymouth-halt.service
> and
> sudo systemctl disable plymouth-poweroff.service
> will do the same for shutdown.
> Donatas
> 2015-04-26 9:08 GMT+03:00 Felix Miata <mrmazda at earthlink.net>:
>> Donatas G. composed on 2015-04-26 08:53 (UTC+0300):
>> > I just realized that those two lines were actually the last lines in the
>> > boot process - not the ones on which the system gets stuck during the
>> > shutdown. I have disabled the grub quiet splash options, and the last
>> thing
>> > I saw before the SDDM login screen were those two lines. On shutdown I
>> > just see a black screen all the time. But If I hit Ctrl+Alt+F7,  I see
>> the
>> > screen as it appeared at boot before SDDM login screen showed up. So, I
>> > actually have no clue of  what causes shutdown delay...
>> See if anything here helps make messages visible:
>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/98566/how-do-deactivate-plymouth-boot-screen
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