Changing plasma theme onto dark doesn't change the panel

Clay Weber clay at
Sat Apr 11 00:13:38 UTC 2015

On Friday, April 10, 2015 06:46:17 PM Carlos A.F. wrote:
>  If i change the plasma theme into Breeze Dark (and icon themes for dark)
> the panel the panel remains white.

 try changing the rendering to  opengl.2 or opengl3 (in the Compositor section 
under Display, in System Settings)

Enabling or adjusting he "blur" desktop effect might help if opengl is already 

Plasma 5 requires opengl, and sometimes the compositor falls back to xrender, 
which does not allow for all the opengl graphical goodies.

Also, please don't begin a new topic by replying to an existing thread and 
simply changing the subject line, any messages will still show as a reply to 
the original message.
Clay Weber

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