Plasma anyone?

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu Apr 2 01:13:35 UTC 2015

Well, I guess plasma is not for me...  at least not at the moment in a 
beta state.  But I think there will still be bugs when it goes live in 

I have switched to XFCE4 which I used to use and really liked.  It does 
everything I want to do and has been around long enough that the bugs 
have been worked out.

The reason I gave up on XFCE at one point was that Kmail wouldn't run on 
it...   but then Kmail began to have pains and I gave up on Kmail and 
switched to T-bird.  That's what linux is all about:  choice!

So for the moment things are nice with 15.04 as I re-learn my way around 
XFCE.  But it looks like it will work out just fine.

Thanks for all the help on Plasma 5  and I may return to it someday in 
the future.

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