A note about the Unicorn (14.10) final beta

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at bmarsh.com
Sat Sep 27 16:33:42 UTC 2014

Yesterday I downloaded the 14.10 final beta for Kubuntu.   I normally 
don't pick up a beta this quickly but figured since it was a final, why not?

I ALWAYS do a fresh install and then make appropriate changes where 
necessary.  So I started the install and the whole install took about 
2.5 hours including downloading all of the extra packages that I 
normally add on.  (imagemagik, etc)

And I haven't looked back....  that is, I haven't had to go back to 
14.10 for any reason.  Everything seems to be working as well or better 
than it was in 14.04.  Even the install was trouble free which is 
usually NOT the case.  I always set up my disks prior to starting the 
install and then do a manual specification of where everything should 
go.   And I usually have a blow-up when trying to specify more than 
about 3 partitions.  Not this time.

The only problem I had was booting from a USB stick which I made from 
the ISO.  (AMD64 desktiop)  The boot came up with a COM32R error saying 
that the boot image was not in COM32R format.  Whatever that is.  Well, 
that was a showstopper until I googled it and someone said to reply 
either "live"   or "install"  to the   boot: prompt.   Sure enough, that 
solved the boot problem and everything went just fine from that point.

Just letting folks know how well the 14.10 install went....   Might be 
the best install yet.

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