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On 09/09/2014 06:08, Doug wrote:
> On 09/08/2014 11:50 PM, O. Sinclair wrote: On 09/09/2014 02:55,
> Doug wrote:
>>>> I'm contemplating buying an HP LaserJet model P2055dn. The
>>>> specs tell me it does everything i want it to do--it prints
>>>> fast, it duplexes, it connects to the LAN via Ethernet. But
>>>> it doesn't seem to be readily available, altho it IS
>>>> available. Does anybody know if there's something not so hot
>>>> about this machine?
>>>> Thanx--doug
> I have used this printer for some years without any problems. Not
> on a daily basis (it is in a client's office) but can not recall
> having any problems with it. I installed HPLIP that seems to work
> really with HP drivers
> Kind regards, Sinclair
> Thanx, Sinclair. I'm partial to HP Laser printers--I've had a
> 2200Dn for about 12 years, and I think it's about wearing out.
> Before that I had the one with 4 in the name--forget what it was,
> but I only upgraded to  get duplex.

Ya, they are workhorses for sure. I got a good price when I bought my
Brother MFC and it is also "linuxfriendly" and "just works", otherwise
I would absolutely opted for an HP printer. In another office there is
a HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 a910 (how long can you make a name) that is a
multifunction colour ink printer/scanner/network and so on. Works a
charm too with Kubuntu and HPlip installed.

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