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Peter Goggin petergoggin at
Mon Sep 1 04:09:44 UTC 2014

I have just loaded kubuntu 14.04. I have the following USB devices to 
Brother Laser Printer HL-22
Samsung Laser printer CPL-320n
Epson Multifunction XP100
  When I try to install them I am presented with a large list of 
possible drivers.

I configures the CPL-320 using the CPL-315 drivers since the 320N does 
not appeat on the selection list. The printer works.  I was unable to 
get it to work using ubuntu 14.04.

I cannot see any matching drivers for the XP100 or the Brother HL-22.
Can anyone advise me which drivers I should use.

I was able to get the Brother hl-22 to work on ubuntu 14.04, but could 
not get either of the3 others to work, the processes always failing 
while supposedly installing the drivers. The system guided me to an 
epson driver to be down loaded for the XP100. Thr system just stalled in 
the process. With the Samsung it selected glutenprint drivers but again 
stalled in the process.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


Peter Goggin

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