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Sat Oct 25 20:56:20 UTC 2014

Richard Barmann composed on 2014-10-25 16:38 (UTC-0400):

> It still shows a lot of VESA in the file. Line 251 shows VEAS with a 
> 1680 x 1050 Size.

Line with "Modeline" tell what your display supports, not what the video BIOS
supports. Last I checked, there were no video BIOS supporting 1680x1050.
That's why you need a Nouveau or Nvidia driver instead of VESA.

If it still has

	VESA(0): Setting up VESA Mode 0x11B (1280x1024)

then you're not done yet. You need to see NVIDIA lines after the last VESA lines.

Getting Nvidia to work is not normally specific to Kubuntu, so asking also in
the ubuntu-users mailing list might get you better or faster help getting
through this.
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