How to change Screen Size in Ver, 14.10

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> The URL

Look in that file and you see many instances of


That means your system is using the VESA driver, a generic driver that
doesn't understand widescreen modes, which results in the black bars. In most
cases VESA is a fallback used because the driver specific to the gfxchip is
not available or the gfxchip is not supported by the available driver.

Instead of VESA what GeForce users want to see is either NOUVEAU or NVIDIA.
NVIDIA is a proprietary driver, usually the better performer, and required
for gfxchips to new to have support in the NOUVEAU driver.

To install the proprietary driver, the easier route to try, one would
normally follow the instructions on:

Before trying, you need to find out whether support for your chip in that
driver is included. Periodically, support for older chips gets dropped.

To troubleshoot getting the open source NOUVEAU driver to work, start here: may help you find if there is a more specific
solution for your NV44A found by users of releases prior to 14.10.
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